Valentine Vibes!

One of my favorite things as a business owner are referrals. Guys. Referrals make me cry happy tears. Why? Because 1. It tells me that someone loved my work so much that they told someone else to go spend their money on me. and 2. It's always easy to start a client relationship when you already have a connection.

Shanna & Chris were an example of a fun referral story! Earlier this fall I had a woman from Florida reach out to me wanting family pictures while they were in visiting Utah for her husband's work trip. I absolutely fell in love with their sweet family and 100% plan on looking them up when I head to Florida someday. Well, the husband of this family posted their pictures, which a work friend of his saw. This friend then recommended me to Shanna, who was coming to Utah for a ski trip, to get some unique engagement photos!

And HOLY! I had so much fun planning this session with Shanna! She listened to my ideas and then blew my mind by purchasing this SMOKING HOT RED DRESS!!! We decided to head to the Bonneville Salt Flats.... a place that is truly unique to Utah's landscape. Shanna and Chris were amazing! They threw off their shoes and headed into the chilly, salty water with zero complaints. Shanna straight up looked like a bouquet of Valentine roses! She was STUNNING! These two made the cold water look absolutely FIREY HOT! And they were so easy to work with! Every time I looked at the back of my camera I couldn't keep myself from screaming! Who even were they??? Who has the right to look that good?! Apparently Shanna and Chris have that right.

I truly feel like I made new best friends with Shanna and Chris which is the best thing I can ask for as a photographer!