Utah Capitol First Look

Do you want to know the LAST place I want to be in January?.....Outside when it's below 30 degrees! That's why I'm absolutely in LOVE with the Utah Capitol Building.

It's marble steps and pillars scream elegance (you know...if elegance screamed) and it's a perfect place to hit up for a mid-day shoot for soft indoor natural lighting.

The only downside about choosing to shoot here, is that it is a cesspool for field trips, school dance photos, and political sessions. The best way to see how busy the day will be, is to check the State Capitol Calendar (link below!)


We chose to shoot this first look on January 20th (MLK day) when there was no school and no sessions in service. The steps can be a popular place for photographers, so shooting earlier in the day is great if you want to avoid a fist fight with Karen's mom who wants her daughter to have the classiest senior photos (ya look gorgeous Karen!).

I fell in love with Arin and Brandon during their engagements at Antelope Island. They are the kind of couple you just want to watch because it's so obvious how deeply they adore each other. When you see how Brandon looks at Arin, you just know that if she asked for the moon, he would do everything in his power to get it for her. Brandon was a little nervous before his first look for obvious reason.....HE WAS ABOUT TO SEE HIS AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS ALMOST-WIFE DECKED OUT IN A WEDDING DRESS!!! And HOLY was Arin a stunner.

As we got some prepatory shots, Brandon slightly fidgeted and you could tell he was anxious. I think a lot of guys feel a TON of pressure to give this amazing reaction for first looks....and it scares them. We gave Brandon our little pep-talk and around he spun. As soon as he saw Arin, any nerves he previously had melted away. His face lit up almost reverently and as he embraced her...you could tell he was home. It was truly magical to witness.