Wow I'm writing a blog post.

When I first started photography professionally, I was still in the mode of trying out a new hobby every month. That is when I really started blogging as a hobby. I liked writing, but found that if it wasn't a subject I was passionate about then I kind of hated it haha! I've always excelled at BSing my way through papers, but when I REALLY believe or enjoy the subject I'm talking about then I can really write. I was passionate about sharing my weight loss story because it was something that changed my life. I was passionate about sharing my journey of learning new hobbies because it had created a new drive that I wanted to share with others! Some of the other things I wrote felt a little "blah-ish". I felt like I had to write them because if you're a photographer and you want to be good that is just what you do. After looking at some of my website statistics I noticed something: people were the most interested in the blogs that dealt with my weight loss and hobbies. The two posts that I poured my heart into had the most

This last year I have been on the most incredible journey. Quitting my job, moving, my husband's addiction and withdrawals (prescription drugs he had been put on when he was 17.....Jake's not that hard core guys haha), pregnancy, going full steam into wedding photography, moving between states, selling our home, getting a C-section, selling my car and buying a car within a week of giving birth, living with our parents, deciding to take care of Hyrum and be the sole provider so my husband could return to school.....honestly each of these things deserve their own lengthy blog post haha. But I think I stopped myself because I got in this mindset that people really didn't care. I mean let's be honest. Have you ever looked up a recipe on Pinterest, and you find the perfect one but in order to get to the instructions and ingredients you have to read a book about how Carol had the hardest time deciding between Suave and Dove deodorant at the supermarket the other day. JUST GIVE ME YOUR DANG LASAGNA RECIPE CAROL!!!

I kind of felt this way with photography blogs. Does anyone even want to read what I have to say? Or do they just want my lasagna (I'm assuming you understand my lasagna is my pictures). I wish I had a story to tell you that went on about some mind blowing insight inspired me to write this post today. But really, I just felt like it. I literally sat down 10 minutes ago to upload new pictures to my site when I looked at my blog that has been gathering dust and thought that I should probably write something. So do you know what. I'm going to write. Maybe there won't be 605 trillion views and shares or even 5 shares, but I think I have a pretty incredible story. I can say with full confidence, that my New Year's resolution two years ago to try a new hobby every month, changed my life. I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET PREGNANT if I had not started watercolors and photography. Yes. You read that right. I'm not talking about if we thought it was the right time or whatever. It was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to get pregnant. Because I spent $20 on watercolor supplies and saved to buy a used Canon 6d and Sigma 50mm, I am a mom. Weird right? Well I plan on telling our story. I feel like God has been the most incredible driving force in our life and I need to share how he has guided us. It has been overwhelming, stressful and even painful...but it has molded us into the people we are today. And honestly, we're pretty awesome.

So this is why I write. Like the weight loss and hobbies, I have found a passionate subject to write about.

Now....for my lasagna recipe

Beautiful Emilie here was one of my giveaway winners! She won a bridal session with a first look video. Now this winter we've had a crazy amount of snow so as we drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon and looked at the 15 foots walls of icy coldness, I remember hoping that Emilie brought 2 things with her. Grit and a sense of humor. Luckily she brought both!

This shoot was the conclusion to the most insane 24 hours ever! To recap, we had driven from Wyoming to Centerville the day before, I dropped Jake and Hyrum off at Jake's parents and headed to an engagement shoot at Antelope Island. Unfortunately my clients got stuck in the lovely I-15 traffic and they were an hour late. This gave us about 30 minutes of good shooting light WHICH THEY ROCKED!!!

After that shoot, I raced to Centerville to pick up Hyrum and Jake so that we could head to Provo. I had a meeting with some future clients that I was an hour late for. Luckily they were super chill and we ate ice cream and planned their perfect pictures. By the time we got to where we were staying I was pooped...buuut it wasn't ending there. The next morning I woke up at 7:00 to get ready for a wedding in Sundance. The wedding was INCREDIBLE. It was a small group of people from all over the country who came to celebrate with the most extraordinary couple! They were both in the crossfit and served in the Navy. The wedding was relaxed, fun, and dedicated to God. It was one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever attended.

After the wedding and brunch, Jake and I raced back to Vineyard to pick up Hyrum. I had a shoot for some prototypes for a new clothing company in Cottonwood Heights. Of course there were two car accidents in front of us which slowed us down big time. We got to the parking garage where we planned to shoot and Jake drove off to drop Hyrum off with grandparents in Centerville. Not two minutes after he drove off a security guard showed up and told us we couldn't shoot there. Cool. We all jumped in their car and luckily found an awesome looking overpass a few minutes away that fit their street-style look they wanted. After an hour of shooting Jake came back and picked me up. Now it was time for our giveaway winner!

We originally planned to shoot around Silver Lake but surprise! They were closed. At 4:00 p.m. Cool. Luckily I had shot in the canyon a couple weeks prior so I knew of a perfect spot! Now when I say perfect spot I mean that we had to hike about 500 yards up a hill to where there was a break in the 15 ft snow walls. From there we had to climb through the slippery opening to get to the gorgeous snowy field beyond. Now for us that wasn't a huge deal, but for poor Emilie who was wearing strappy heels, it was substantially more difficult. But she was a CHAMP!!!! She marched through the snow to her lover and looked awesome while doing it!

And then Jaron saw her.....

Ya. It was one of the most beautiful things ever. From there we shot them in all of their gorgeous photogeneticness wonder! About half way through poor Emilie (with frozen toes I might add) started mentioning feeling faint. She hadn't eaten anything all day and it was starting to hit her. Her knees were shaking and she had to sit for a while in the snow. I was starting to get worried that she would faint. Getting through that icy wall and trail was tricky enough in flats and feeling well....she was in heels and was struggling standing. I brought up ending the shoot a little early but she persevered and continued to take pics like a model. Finally I felt like it was definitely time to get her out of there. As a former phlebotomist I had seen my fair share of people get sick and faint and I knew that getting her off the mountain was a top priority while she was still strong enough. I then watched Jaron lovingly scoop Emilie up and walk through the field. Even though it was the moment she was sick, it was probably my favorite picture I took that entire evening.

To end the story, we all made it safely off the mountain. Jake and I went to his parents and squeezed our baby a lot, and I slept super well that night haha! To see more from the session keep scrolling! You'd never guess that this beauty was on the verge of passing out!

Her amazing hair and make up were done by the incredibly talented @honeyhairbykare & @emmaanneartistry

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