First Senior session of the year

This was SUCH a fun session! Emily is seriously so bubbly and fun and so photogenic! We took off from St George around 5:30 to look for this "magic spot" that I kept driving by on the way to St George. After getting pretty lost in Leeds, we finally used the magical Google Maps to figure out where the heck we were going. I was starting to get pretty nervous at this point because the sun was falling fast behind the red cliffs. I like sessions that have about 50% glowing backlight and 50% soft, evening light.

By the time we made it to the spot the sun was almost gone but OH the light that was there! The air was glowing! We shot for about 8 minutes before the light was gone but I'm confident that we got the best 8 minutes of light of the day.

Emily was one of the easiest people I've ever had to work with. Every few seconds she was changing poses making each shot unique. I felt like I was working with a model! My favorite poses that she pulled involved running her hands through her hair. It just looked so relaxed and carefree and you could really see her spunky personality! I guess while I'm talking about her hair I should definietly mention her hair stylist. Adrianna contacted me a few months ago wanting to team up for a collaboration. I knew I had this shoot coming up and thought it would be a perfect opportunity! Let me tell you what: she was fast, she was friendly, and even after all of the hands running through Emily's hair: it stayed perfecto! So a big shout out to Adrianna (@hairlifewithadri)