3 Tips that helped me lose 50 lbs

So I'm about to take a huge jump (like...jumping across an ocean jump) out of my comfort zone. I am going to talk about a subject that has been a taboo since middle school. My body. When I hit 5th grade that's when I started to notice some "changes." Of course all young girls go through these changes but mine felt a little different. My clothes didn't fit just right. Shirts didn't look as cute on me as other girls and I constantly heard the words "it's just a phase...you'll grow out of it." and I held onto those words and didn't put much thought into it.

Time for the brutally honest part. Once high school hit that is when I felt like my body was really affecting my life. I did not get asked out as much as my friends. Boys did not try to reach out to me like they did other girls. I was not as athetic or quick as other girls on my sports teams. I started to pin my worth on my weight. There were so many nights when I would look into the mirror and just cry wishing I could just look like the others. There were so many times when I would hear girls who were at least 20-30 lbs lighter than me complain about their weight and how fat they were. If they were fat...what did that make me? Why couldn't I lose the weight? It wasn't like I wasn't active. I participated in 2-hour daily sports practices throughout the school year, I was in multiple extra curricular activities and still the weight was there. I would try watching my friends and eat the same portions as they did but it was hard. We would sit around a plate of brownies and no one else would touch them when I just wanted to throw the whole pan in my face.

Fast forward to my first year of college. I had great friends and loved my life. My dating life was still eh...but I was having too much fun with friends to care that much. My active lifestyle had changed. Instead of working out up to 10 hours a week I would maybe (BIG maybe) work out 1 time a week. I thought I was being smart because I was living off of a weekly $20 grocery budget. But those groceries consisted of about million processed foods and zero fruits or veggies. I was having so much fun that first year that I didn't even notice how I was changing. Near the end of my first year of college I stepped on the scale for the first time since I left home. I was shocked! I stepped on it again and again. There was no way it was right. I found another one and it said the same number. Impossible. You've heard of the freshman 15 right? Well I doubled that to a whopping freshman 30. How had I not noticed. Was I just lying to myself when I looked in the mirror. What had I done!?!

Although I tried to get control, I continued to spiral and I continued to deny what was happening. That summer I moved to Bear Lake to work at a restaurant. I was allowed 1 meal there each day and you better believe I took advantage of that! By the end of the summer I had gained an additional 8 lbs.